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Grooming yourself

Some simple tips to make you look well groomed and beautiful:

Regularly get your hair trimmed and make sure that your hair doesn’t have split or dry ends.

Don’t pick at pimples, spots or any other skin eruptions that you may have on your skin as touching them will only leave back spots and scars.

Stop chewing on your nails. Keep them well-trimmed. If you want them long, make sure they are well-maintained. If you polish your nails, make sure there’s no chipped nail paint.

Avoid drinking excess coffee or tea.

Sleep well – at least 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep will work wonders for your skin.

Do not pluck your eyebrows excessively; instead, opt for tweezers and remove those unwanted hairs.

Brush twice a day, not more. Brushing after each meal will rob your teeth of essential enamel. Instead, brush once in the morning and once at night before bed.

Maintain a good posture always.

Remove blackheads, either by scrubbing at home or visiting a beautician.

Bunk the junk food and eat healthy.Include fresh fruits, vegetables and milk or milk products in your daily diet.

Go easy on the alcohol – it will help reduce any puffiness or belly fat.

Go for well-fitted clothes and avoid following fashion trends that does not suit you. Understand your own style and get comfortable in your own skin.


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